Meet the edge'r: Lindsey Drangstveit

July 2, 2018

At edge co-working, we love our members & event hosts sooooooo much! There’s nothing better than getting to know the amazing women and men who have decided to join our tribe of career-minded military spouses.


This month’s featured event host is Lindsey Drangstveit owner of Boardwalk Accounting, LLC. Join Lindsey on July 11 for our next event Military Tax Tips! Click here or keep reading to get your tickets! 



Lindsey Drangstveit


Tell us about your job. 


Payroll Accountant for Mental Health Resources Inc. & owner of Boardwalk Accounting, LLC.


What is your biggest work from home challenge?


The chores always win. 

My family has the day off & I don't! 

I work part time, too. The mom-work-life balance struggle is real with me! 

[Editor's note: this answer was chosen from our list.]


What is your biggest business challenge?


I don't know anyone else who does what I do on my level of having a passion for military taxes.


Why did you decide to host an event at edge co-working?


I wish I had someone like myself when I first married into the Air Force so it's a necessity for me!


What'd you do last weekend?


Spent some well deserved time with the fam! (My husband just got back from deployment.)


What's favorite productivity tool?


My Calendar. Hands down. 📆


Last song played? (no judgement)


No Roots - Alice Merton

[editor's note: this is now stuck in my head AGAIN!] 


Where are you from? 


Sioux Falls, SD


Where would you like to retire one day?


Good question. Still exploring. If I were rich, and I could pull it off with vacations at home, Italy. 🍝🍷





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