Notes from AMPLIFY: Elevator Pitches That Work for Military Spouses

November 14, 2017

 Even though we’ve been back in Clovis for a few weeks now, we’re still reeeeeeling from the AMPLIFY conference in Austin last month. What is AMPLIFY? It’s a two-day intensive conference for career-minded military spouses that is produced by Hiring Our Heroes & In Gear Career.


The event was full of actionable takeaways and modern career advice for spouses who are looking for employment, looking to move up the ladder (or around the jungle gym), or who are entrepreneurs.


Here’s our recap of Amanda Crowe’s presentation on elevator pitches.  

Elevator Pitches: Now to Next

Amanda and the Hiring Our Heroes team have developed a knock out way for military spouses to craft and present elevator pitches. It’s different for us. Our stories tend to feel very fragmented. We have what we’ve done before, things we’ve done to get by (volunteering like whoa), and then there’s where we want to go. They call this the Now to Next formula. Here’s how it’s done.


The Now

Use a word or words to describe who you are now.


Example: I’m a digital marketing professional and co-founder of edge co-working, a flexible office space for military spouses.


The Bridge

This is the transition. Tell how you got to where you are or why you love where you are in a few words.


Example: I founded edge as a response to working remotely in a rural area. It’s sparked my passion for creatively solving military spouse career challenges.


The Next

Use a few words to describe where you want to go or what might be next for you.


Example: I’m looking for spouses who are interested in joining our edge mission so that we can grow and connect more spouses to co-working resources.


The Now to Next formula is great because it’s not meant to put you in a box. It allows you to create conversation starters. The key is to say less and focus on having an ask that makes your audience engage with you.


Before you show up for a networking event (or even introduce yourself to an online community) decide what “the ask” should be. Your Now to Next elevator pitch can change and is tailored to your current audience.

How AMPLIFY made it awesome

Anyone in the room could practice their elevator pitch in front of the group. Everyone that got up to speak had a new and fresh way to introduce themselves. Lightbulbs were going off across the audience. Fellow spouses were eager to jump in and help the person out with their ask.


Want to see Amanda Crowe chat about crafting a Now to Next elevator pitch? Watch this recording of her Masterclass with MadSkills on Facebook here.


In Gear Career just announced the 2018 AMPLIFY Conference Schedule. Applications are now open. Apply today & start planning your trip! Click here to learn more.


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