Meet the edge'r: Sarah Black

January 4, 2018

At edge co-working, we love our members sooooooo much! There’s nothing better than getting to know the amazing women and men who have decided to join our tribe of career-minded military spouses. 


Today we're over the moon to introduce a very special edge'r, Sarah. She's also the first member of the edge energy exchange. What's that? Read up. 


Sarah Black


In addition to your exchanger gig, what do you do for work? 


After separating from the military, I decided to start my own virtual assistant business. I now have the freedom to work from home in my pajama pants… I guess you could say I wanted the complete opposite from wearing uniforms and answering to other people for the past eight years.

I provide a helping hand to other business owners by taking on tasks that they just can’t find the time for. I’ve been in business since February 2017. [editor's note: check out her gorgeous website here.]


What is your favorite thing about the coworking experience?


I love that I can get out of the house and be with other like-minded individuals that have the same passion and drive as myself. We encourage and motivate each other, and that plays a massive part in the success of a business.

When I launched my business while still AD, I felt like I had no support because no one understood why I wouldn’t want to continue air traffic on the ‘outside’. It was disheartening and lonely. But now that I can surround myself with the right people through edge’s co-working space, I feel much more confident in myself as a person and as a business owner.


What made you take the plunge & apply to be an exchanger?


I love what edge stands for and what they’re doing for the Clovis + Cannon community. I knew I wanted to be apart of it and help out in any capacity whilst getting my feet wet with my new business. Get it, plunge, wet feet?? [editor's note: LOL!]


What did you do last weekend?


Disclaimer: My husband is deployed, judgment free zone: I may or may not have binged watched The Punisher on Netflix, ate an entire jar of olives, and cleaned casa Black. I live an eventful life, I know.


What's your favorite productivity tool?


Trello, hands down. [editor's note: Sarah has a bomb Trello board for organizing social media engagement. Connect with her to get the goods.]


Last song you played (or that Pandora/Spotify chose for you)


Rain by Blackmill


Where are you from? 


Myerstown, Pennsylvania





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