Meet the edge'r: Rosemary Metcalf

October 25, 2017

At edge co-working, we love our members sooooooo much! There’s nothing better than getting to know the amazing women and men who have decided to join our tribe of career-minded military spouses. Check out this month’s featured member!

This month’s featured member is Rosemary Metcalf!  Rosemary and her husband, Ric, own and operate the Windrush Alpaca Farm here in Clovis. You can learn more about Windrush Alpacas on their website. Save the date for the next Open Farm Day on November 11! 


 Rosemary (right) with Etta the Alpaca. 




Rosemary Metcalf 


Tell us about your job. 

I have my own business Windrush Alpacas, which is an alpaca farm with 68 head of alpacas along with two guard llamas, two horses, three dogs, chickens, guinea fowl and barn cats. My duties range from feeding and caring for the alpacas to marketing my business, social media posts, writing for the farm blog, bookkeeping, keeping our farm store stocked, organizing and taking part in our monthly Open Farm Days and everything in between! [editor's note: SERIOUSLY we cannot wait to visit an open farm day & meet the alpacas!] 


What are your biggest work from home challenges? 

Being able to stay focused when I have so much going on!


What made you take the plunge & join edge co-working?

I visited Edge for a tour and liked the calm, productive atmosphere. The more I spoke to Jessica and Brooke about all that Edge offered the more I realized that joining Edge Co-Working would bring many benefits to my life. I haven't been disappointed - from networking opportunities to having a place where I can be very focused and productive, joining Edge has been a great decision both for my business and for me.


What did you do last weekend?

Chores! Plus some dog training and boarding up a window that my dogs managed to break (so much for the dog training!)


What's your favorite productivity tool?

Dropbox - wouldn't be without it!


Last song you played (or that Pandora/Spotify chose for you)

Debussy's Clair de Lune


Where are you from?

Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK


Where would you like to retire one day?

That's a good question! So many options but first I have to retire and with farming that may not happen!



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