A love letter to coworking from a busy college student

August 17, 2017




Good Morning!


First off, I want to say thank for taking the time to stop and read our post. As college students we have a lot on our plates so it really means a lot.


As the impending school year comes upon us there is a lot to do. The initial getting organized by buying supplies such planners, notebooks, and the infamous books - which cost more than a kidney transplant. There is the matter of going to class, doing homework, and studying for exams for 16 weeks. After all that is said and done, you are running a household, juggling school, and maybe even working from home. Which can be hard.


Let's face it - depending on where you live/go to school, the library isn't close by and you run the risk of getting there and someone is sitting your spot. Ugh. 



Those three small words - household, business, college- they are demanding huge portions of your life.


You go girl. You're killing it.


While you're being a rock star and wearing each hat with infinite grace, what if there was a business dedicated to making your life easier? You're in luck! 


How I fell in love with coworking 


To say I have been in college for a long time, is an understatement. It took changing my major 3 times and transferring colleges to finally get my degree, 5 years later. No worries though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


It's called graduate school. As of yesterday I survived my first day of working towards my Master of Social Work.


Want in on the secret that made my first day of graduate school more productive and fun? Coworking! I spent the morning drinking coffee with people in complete different career fields with other goals and knocked out my homework for the week. 



Best Wishes,

Fellow college student

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