Meet the edge'r: Laura Jordan

June 2, 2017

At edge co-working, we love our members sooooooo much! There’s nothing better than getting to know the amazing women and men who have decided to join our tribe of career-minded military spouses. Check out this month’s featured member!

This month’s featured member is Laura Jordan!  Laura works on base with the POTFF program (more on that below), but she uses the edge space during base down days. Check out the 27th SOW Resiliency Team Facebook page to keep up with their events. 





Laura Jordan


Tell us about your job. 

I work at Cannon AFB with a program called Preservation of the Force and Family. The program is meant to fill in gaps of service that aren't being addressed. I have 2 parts to my job. I support Wing-wide programs and projects. In addition, I'm embedded in Maintenance Group and facilitate a Peer Mentor Program among the active duty and spouses.


What are your biggest work from home challenges? (Chosen from this list.) 

My family gets days off & I do not. 

I can't work if military personnel are not in my building. 


What made you take the plunge & join edge co-working?

Not gonna lie, there was a sale. And sometimes it's easier to focus on a project without being in the office.


What did you do last weekend?

We caught up on laundry and chores, because we were out of town the weekend prior. And I recovered from my crazy week at work.


What's your favorite productivity tool?

Music. And caffeine.


Last song you played (or that Pandora/Spotify chose for you)

The new Red Hot Chili Peppers single. 


Where are you from?



Where would you like to retire one day?

North Georgia or North Carolina 



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