Our must-have tools for business (that can help your personal life, too)

March 30, 2017


Ladies & Gentlemen! How are things going with your business? If you’re anything like us, you set out to achieve big things this year. The right tool set can keep you on track & give you time to focus on what really matters: growing your business.


We put together a list of 4 tools that are helping us crush goals this year. Check it out & let us know what you're using! 



Funny story- this is not pronounced Asana like the yoga pose, but more like a-sauna aka those fancy hot rooms found in a spa or at the gym.


Anyway, this is a fabulous tool for tackling team effort tasks like work projects or social events. You can keep track of tasks in different lists and assign things to specific people with a due date. It also lets you attach documents from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox, which means that everything related to the project can be kept in one place.


Asana is the lifeline for edge co-working operations. From doing the dishes to paying the bills, nothing gets done around here if we don’t make it a task in the program. We also have a “friends of edge” team that we use to plan community-wide events with other local business owners.


Get it here: Asana



Google Drive

Speaking of Google Drive, this is another thing we could not live without. We use the drive to store all our documents in the cloud. This means they are safe and sound and we can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. It also reduces the amount of paper floating around the office- #goingreen. We also use it in our personal lives – Brooke recently used it to store docs for a bachelorette party and Jessica & her husband use it to collect & store their tax documents.




I could go on about this tool for days! Canva is a mostly free tool that lets you easily design graphics and images to use in social media, documents, presentations, emails, posters, you name it. You can easily store key brand information with your account as well, like fonts, brand colors, logos, and photos. I say, “mostly free” because a basic account is free, but you can pay for add-ons like a team account or stock images. The stock images are on-demand and usually about $1 each- this means you only pay for an image when you need/want it.  



Disclaimer: Never underestimate the value of a good graphic designer! We certainly worked with one to design our logo and set up our brand standards with us. (Seriously, she’s amazing. Cannon Ideas) This is certainly worth every penny! We use Canva to design quick on-the-fly images for social media and events. It's sort of like having an in-house graphic designer. 


Get it here: Canva



We can automate that! We use Zapier to connect our business apps and automate workflows. Too many buzzwords? With the program, you are able to create “Zaps” that make your apps talk to each other and trigger actions, which cuts down on the number of manual tasks we do each day. The list of apps you can connect is huge. Think: Google docs, Gmail, MailChimp, Asana, Facebook, the possibilities are endless. As business owners + remote workers, the more minutes we can trim off the work day, the better!


Get it here: Zapier


These are just a few things making it all happen at edge co-working. What are your favorite tools?






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