Why you should “dress for success” even when you don’t work in an office

February 28, 2017

When I started working from home, I loved the fact that I could roll out of bed and all that I had to do to be “ready” was brush my teeth and put on a pot of coffee. My daily uniform consisted of matching pajama sets. If I had an errand to run, I would throw on yoga pants. Fancy.


But, I started to notice that most days I just wasn’t feeling it. A lot of this had to do with working at home & all of the negatives that come with that. The other part of it, was my lack of dress code. I realized this when we started edge co-working in January. Suddenly, I was getting up every morning and taking more time to put together cute outfits. My mood was lifted & my productivity went WAY up! I found myself knocking out large chunks of my to-do list quicker and having more “me” time during work hours on Fridays.


All I’m saying is, the clothes we wear have a huge impact on our lives.


There is no dress code for edge co-working members, our only requirement is that you actually wear clothes. To help you with that, we partnered up with our favorite local boutique Olive & June to bring you a list of reasons to dress for success each day + exclusive Olive & June outfits you can find right here in town.


Improve Your Mood

You know what I love? When someone compliments my outfit. That may sound vain, but you know what I mean. When I feel pretty and someone notices, I am instantly put in a good mood. When I put together a fun outfit, that “fun” starts to rub off on me and I’m more pleasant to be around. Plus, getting creative with your clothing flexes your left brain muscles and empowers you to be more creative at work.


Plus, your productivity goes up. It’s science. Don’t believe me? Check out this study on “Enclothed Cognition.”


Be prepared for the unexpected.

I’ll never forget the feeling of working away in my PJ’s when suddenly I received a calendar invite for a video conference- 15 minutes later. I shuffled off to my closet to throw on a professional looking top and slap some “paint on this ol’ barn” (<that’s fancy southerner talk for make-up). I needed those quality minutes to prepare for the meeting, but instead I was busy making sure that I looked legit. OR there was the time my boss FaceTime called me and I looked like I just stepped off the hot mess express. Don’t be that employee.


Dressing for Success can also allow you to make an impromptu lunch with a client or coffee date with a colleague. It’s hard enough to look legit as a remote or self-employed worker. Take 15 in the morning to put on a cute outfit and a little bit of makeup.




Draw a line between work & home

Dressing for work allows you to draw boundaries between the work that earns you money and the work you need to do around the house. You basically trick yourself into tuning out the chores with the simple switch of an outfit. It also sends a message to your family that you are in work mode and they are not to bother you.


^if this one doesn’t work, try a co-working membership! ;)




Create your own version of “Casual Friday”

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know the joy of getting to wear jeans on Fridays. When you make casual dress days a perk instead of the norm, yoga pants become a reward for adulting all week long. Go you!




We challenge you to try this for one week & let us know how it goes!


We’re also offering 20% off any edge co-working membership for a limited time. Drop in & see us to change the way you work today!  


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