Working from home is the worst.

January 13, 2017


Pretty much everyone has this idea that working from home should be amazing. You get all your work done on time. Your laundry is always done. Your office is a Pinterest dream. And you can run all the errands you need. But we’re here to tell you, reality does not live up to expectations. Most days, working from home just sucks. We firmly believe that & so we came up with 7 reasons to prove it.


1. There's nothing to keep you from sending that email to Linda in accounting.


Being home alone and (theoretically) glued to your computer and work email all day is stressful. You take fewer mental breaks to power through and show your colleagues that you’re a total rock star.  Without an outlet to vent or take a break here and there (a short break, not an entire Netflix series), you burn out quickly and that can make you snap at people.


We love you, Linda.



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2. The chores always win.


That stack of dishes and 200 loads of laundry aren't all that exciting. But it can easily get moved to the top of your to-do list when you have a TPS report to file by EOD.  Next thing you know, you’re getting a call from your boss to let you know that if you could finish it over the weekend that’d be greaaaaaaat. Laundry: 1, You: 0.




3. The DVR speaks to you.


It’s one thing to have BravoTV on in the background. But with no one there to stop you, it’s easy to roll that into an entire Netflix binge. Yes, you may earn a law degree after finishing Making a Murder, but that isn’t going pay your bills, is it?  



4. Hygiene suffers.


At first, the ability to roll out of bed 5 minutes before work starts is amazing. Freaking amazing. But then, you start to slip. Routines become hard to maintain. You’re not seeing anyone all day, so what’s the point, right? I cannot count the number of times I have brushed my teeth and changed into real clothes just minutes before my husband gets home to make him think I’m an actual adult. Plus, did you know that wearing yoga pants every dang day is sabotaging your weight loss goals?


(image source: Peanuts Wiki)


5. Your fur child is too dang cute.


Snoozin’ and treats. Enough said.


(image source: love this pic)

6. Your millennial-ness starts to fade.


You’re not going to run into Intern Brian at the water cooler in your house and get the 411 on the latest tech trends and life hacks. If you want to stay productive and look cool doing it, you need “work friends” to keep you in the loop.


(image source: quickmeme)


7. Your family has the day off & you don't.


MLK Day. Presidents' Day. Columbus Day. Veterans' Day. You get the point. Every bank holiday is a four-day weekend for our significant others. Unfortunately, as civilians that are self-employed or working remote for corporate America, our business doesn't stop for holidays, much less for the Friday AND Monday of the holiday. Don't get us wrong; we love our families. But when I'm on a conference call and my husband is knocking on my office door asking if I've seen the TV remote, I'm far from enthusiastic to be working from home. Someone get me out of here, PLEASE!


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Need to get out of the house too? Need a place without distractions to tackle your work or a place to work to keep you sane and not feeling so remote?


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