the grass isn't greener on the other side 
it's green where you water it 

We were inspired to open edge co-working after moving to Clovis to be with our spouses. We considered ourselves lucky that we got to keep our careers and work remotely, from home, in our PJ's! Before too long though, we started to feel like our careers were stalling.


We became unhappy with jobs that we TOTALLY LOVED back when we got to go into the office each day and interact with our team. We became unpleasant to be around. We read about co-working spaces in metro areas that made us long to PCS to a big city. Any day now, right?

Our mission is to provide military spouses with space and resources that EMPOWER them to pursue a career DOING what they love while GROWING professionally EVERYWHERE the military takes them.

Then it hit us. What are we waiting for? Why don't we bring co-working to clovis? Boom: edge co-working was born. Well, it wasn't exactly that quick. We spent months researching co-working spaces in metro areas & following other organizations that cater to career-minded military spouses.


The edge space is here to serve the Cannon AFB, Clovis, and surrounding area communities. By day, we provide workspace, internet, and amenities to remote workers, freelancers, consultants, small biz owners & all kinds of entrepreneurs. Edge also doubles as an event space that allows distributors for brands (lipsense, lularoe, etc) to host events in a neutral space where they can reach a larger market.



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(575) 265-0447

1425 north main street, clovis, nm 88101, usa